Jermuk Naturally-Carbonated Natural Mineral Water,

Imported from Armenia (South-Eastern part of Eastern Europe), where the richest purest mineral waters of the world come from.

Pure H2O is good for washing, nourishing and hydrating your system…

What makes Jermuk water unsurpassed in quality is the TDS – Total Dissolved Solids, or Total Mineralisation. Very few mineral waters have no more than 200mg/L of natural minerals.

Jermuk has between 3300mg/L and 4700mg/L of natural minerals.

The Natural Carbonation


Our water is born carbonated! The molecules of the water naturally allow carbon to be fitted into the running stream. Such carbon acts as a natural preservative and keeps water ALIVE even when already bottled.

Natural carbon occurs when the water rushes under the volcanoes reaching a temperature of +62 C degrees, such temperatures pushes the water out of the earth with great force and turning it into a sparkling pool of pure and natural goodness. Jermuk containing rare volcanic minerals which other mineral waters simply do not have. Natural Carbon will escape from the glass bottle after been shaken much faster than artificial Carbon.

The bubbles of the natural carbon are much smaller and gentler to taste. Many other sparkling waters are fortified with carbon dioxide by unnatural means. 


By bubbling around natural carbon breaks down the chains of a very high quantity mineral, salts and trace minerals. That is filled with a liquid form of minerals, natural salts and trace minerals that get absorbed by up to 96% in the human body.

All the minerals that get collected freely come from the earth itself (the only scientist that involved in this process is Mother Nature herself). Pure mineral water and natural carbon that escapes to the surface of the earth get collected by a filtering station (not cleansing station) and it’s bottled there to ensure the integrity of the product.

The pH and the mineral content does differ from almost every harvest. As it purely depends on the Natures weather cycle and amount of Carbon present. Jermuk is packaged in an emerald colour glass bottles in order not to spoil the unsurpassed taste of Nature.


JERMUK is One of a Kind product. There is nothing artificial added to the tears of our Mountains. Even the Fluoride present in the water is natural. Such elements and many others are essential to the human body in order for it to function to its best capacity.

Jermuk does not replace the daily recommended intake of the water. It is used in conjunction with daily water intake.  Even when we breathe during sleep our body loose vital minerals.

Contains NATURAL Fluoride. Without natural Fluoride, our bodies will not be able to function to its best capacity.

Our water is to be enjoyed by everyone!


Besides gaining essential mineral and natural salts Jermuk aids

in following conditions:

  • The diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, Ulcers, colon, gastritis)
  • Inflammatory diseases of liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, peripheral nervous system, Urinary tract infections, inflammation of the stomach lining, mucus lining, bronchial tubes.
  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, oksaluriya, phosphaturia
  • Actively assist in reducing depression
  • Fights fatigue
  • Simply restore natural balance in metabolic system
  • Balance Ph of the body
  • Reduce spasms and cramps
  • Help to improve immune system
  • Help to reduce symptoms associated with colds
  • Supports and regulates natural functioning of the cardiac muscle

 And many more…

Our faCtory

The Jermuk Group uses the latest technology and best machinery and equipment available, including Carlson Filtration equipment from England, KHS equipment from Germany Vimercati equipment from Italy and more..

The factory is located at the source at 2100 metres above sea level and the water is bottled at the source under the most stringent hygienic conditions.

The factory has its own modern on-site laboratory with Sartorius equipment for microbiological analysis to ensure quality.


Jermuk has won numerous Armenian and international awards for its excellent quality and taste.

What you pay for in Mineral Water is the natural mineral content. Natural mineral content is also referred to as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or Total Mineralisation.

Few mineral waters have more than 200mg/l of natural mineral content. Jermuk has between 3,300mg/l and 4,700mg/l of natural mineral content.

Despite its rich mineral content, Jermuk is unusually smooth and is truly unsurpassed in taste.

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